B. Braun und ich  From Australia to Germany in One Semester

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From Australia to Germany in One Semester

Living & Working in Germany

My first snow experience on the castle "Burg Hohenzollern"

My name is Jeng-han and I am currently doing a master programme in Information Technology with Computer Science at the QUT - Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Aesculap's internship opportunities presented at my faculty captured my interest and I finally decided to apply. Working in an interesting industry field before graduation, gain some intercultural experience and strengthen my communication skills - and all that in Germany - would provide a significant added-value for my professional career.

My daily projects

Aesculap is the surgical division of the German B. Braun - one of the world’s leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare solutions today. Aesculap is located in “Tuttlingen”, a city in the very south of Germany and well known as “medical valley” as more than 300 medical technology are located there.

During my internship at Aesculap I have intensively worked for the innovation lab “werk_39” It is a start-up-like infrastructure for digital solutions within the company group. I have learned a lot there!

One of my projects was building a virtual reality tour for a simulation space by using “Unity”. Unity is a game engine widely used by mobile or console game developers. Although I have never got in touch with Unity before, I accepted this project happily as an opportunity to acquire new skills. By searching the tutorials on Google and receiving feedback from supervisors, the project turned out pretty well – it was finally demonstrated in an internal meeting, and visitors could easily and freely move within the virtual space to see the details for every corner.

Another interesting project was programming a camera to take huge numbers of photos from different angles automatically. The hardware part was already set, the problem was to write a program to control the motors and the camera. Another unknown area for me! Again, I searched for online resources to tackle the problem and then I wrote two programs to control the motors and the camera. The importance of the project was that once an auto camera is built, gathering thousands of photos becomes simple. Finally these photos can be used in various products and services Aesculap and B. Braun offer their customers.

Living in Germany

Let’s talk shortly about my freetime activities: There are some cultural and weather differences between Germany and Australia. Firstly, in Germany and especially in Tuttlingen it definitely snows, so a good jacket is essential for winter days :-). On the picture taken at the castle “Burg Hohenzollern” – one of the most famous castles in Germany – you get an impression about how a German snow-covered-landscape looks like. An unforgettable and very cold first snow experience like in a picture book.

What I also noticed is that, all shopping malls and supermarkets are closed on Sundays. So planning your weekly groceries on Saturdays is always the best idea. The most popular activity on Sundays is having a coffee at bakeries with families or friends.

I have greatly benefited from taking this internship opportunity. It has been a really good chance to connect academic knowledge with practical knowledge within the industry and it has also broadened my personal horizon. I will definitely recommend such a experience to further students when coming back to Australia.

Thank you B. Braun & Aesculap!